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We offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE against all animals coming into your home or attic when you use one of our “Full Guarantee Services”! Call us today. (832) 410-8833 Max Home Shield has same day service. Let one of our licensed animal trapping experts solve your problem today!


The third step is to remove the pheromones that rodents leave behind. Even when the rodents are eliminated, rodent oil rubs, feces, urine, blood and associated insects are left behind. Rodents instinctually want the safety of a community, therefore a few rodents, most of your neighborhood rodents will be attracted to the home through the smell of the pheromones which come from the oil rubs, urine and feces in your attic or walls. Once the home is sealed up, our technicians will then apply a hospital grade sanitizing Virucide in order to eliminate the diseases and pheromones associated with the rodents’ defecation.

  • Ductwork – once our tradesmen repaired the entry points in the ductwork and damage caused by the rodents in an earlier step, the contaminated air ducts will be cleaned and sprayed with Virucide. Once the Virucide dries, you will be able to enable the heating or air conditioning system, safe from urine or feces from circulating in the air in your home.
  • *We do not use a bleach solution, which when mixed with rodent feces and urine can create a noxious gas. More on Potential Rodent Diseases (link to page)

  • Our Virucide:
  • Is a non-staining, colorless disinfectant, preventing infection from diseases and kills pheromones associated with the rodents’ defecation
  • Will not treat for problems under the insulation, all contaminated insulation must be removed
  • Is not guaranteed to kill diseases and pheromones unless all contaminated insulation is removed
  • Children and pet safe
  • Will be used to clean and decontaminate ductwork