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$65 animal removal! (With NO service charge). We get the animals out and keep them out. If we set traps for you, we will come back again when the critters are caught, at no additional charge. We also offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE against all animals coming into your home or attic when you use one of our “Full Guarantee Services”! Call us today. (832) 410-8833 Max Home Shield has same day service. Let one of our licensed animal trapping experts solve your problem today!


We understand that removing invading animals from your home or business is important to you. That is why you called us and that is what you expect us to do. We also understand that once we get the animals out of your home or business you do not want them back. You deserve to feel secure in your home or business. That is why our service is guaranteed to keep animals out for a lifetime. If at any time animals get back into your home or business through one of our guaranteed treatments, all you have to do is call us and we will come back and remove the animal(s) and re-repair the treatment, all at no additional charge. In most cases, we will return each year to re-inspect your entire home or business for new entries or damage. It is really simple … we want to treat you like we would want to be treated. Thank you for your business.

Raccoon Damage & Raccoon Problems

Raccoon damage can happen on the outside of the home as well as inside. Raccoon control includes raccoon trapping, raccoon removal and raccoon exclusion such as sealing up the raccoon’s entry points and placing raccoon proof caps on chimneys.

The most common complaints associated with raccoons damage include; raiding garbage cans, noises in attic at night, and preying on birds in nests and feeders. Raccoons will dig up the ground looking for worms, and grubs, causing damage to lawns. Raccoons will often enter homes in the winter and spring, most commonly inside attics, to escape the cold or to nest and raise their young. Raccoons are strong animals and can damage the shingles, fascia board, soffits and vents of structures they enter. Common raccoon damage within attics includes damage to the insulation from feces/urine, damage to the duct work or wiring, staining of drywall from urine, and water damage at the entry point.

Raccoon Control By Max Home Shield

Raccoons are primarily active at night, if seen during the day near your home, it is important to keep a safe distance. These animals are rabies vectors and will commonly carry mites, ticks and fleas. Raccoon roundworm is spread through eggs found in the raccoon droppings. Max Home Shield can help get rid of your raccoon problems and prevent raccoon damage with safe, effective and humane solutions.How to get Rid of Raccoons

How to get Rid of Raccoons

A common question is how to get rid of raccoons. The best answer would be to contact a Max Home Shield specialist to assist you in getting rid of raccoons, as trying to get rid of raccoons on your own can be dangerous. Our Max Home Shield raccon removal professionals are trained in raccon removal, raccoon trapping, raccoon control and in how to identify raccoons and prevent future raccoon damage.