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We offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE against all animals coming into your home or attic when you use one of our “Full Guarantee Services”! Call us today. (832) 410-8833 Max Home Shield has same day service. Let one of our licensed animal trapping experts solve your problem today!


Removal of rodent droppings and contaminated insulation is a serious business, so our tradesmen use a filtered vacuum system to prevent dried fecal matter from becoming airborne. To eliminate the possibility of contamination and to maintain a healthy environment, a HEPA filter vacuum is used to remove the rodents themselves, feces, contaminated nesting material, and other debris such as hair and urine. When rodents hear a predator, they instinctively burrow into their nests and remain still, which allows the vacuum to suck them right out of the attic. Through this method, all old, infected insulation is removed.

  • Chewed wire – rodents chew on wire to file down their growing teeth, which exposes the wires to the wood and insulation in our attic, posing a fire hazard. Once your damage is assessed, a licensed electrician will come on site to repair and replace damaged wire as needed. Once the contaminated insulation is removed from the attic, we do a second sanitization spray of Virucide. The process will also remove any odors left behind and the pheromones that might attract more rodents.

  • When the remediation process is complete, we blow in Eco-Friendly cellulose insulation to an R-30 standard. Our insulation contains 15% Boric Acid that is classified as hazardous to Rodents and Insects based on Animal Chronic Toxicity studies done by OSHA. The Boric Acid in the insulation, which is also used as a pesticide, burns the rodent’s paws and body when they touch it, so they are unable burrow and create nests in the attic.

  • The Max Home Shield’s complete process is our 100% Guaranteed Permanent Solution