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Customer Reviews:

  • Fast, professional, courteous, pays attention to details
    “We had rats in the attic, they came and inspected it two days after we called and had a 7 person crew here to completely take care of it two days after that. They are thorough, and want to show/explain everything to you!! So great!”
    -Mrs. Healy
  • Max Home Shield was exactly what we needed
    “They were very prompt, professional and very transparent when it came to the costs. They came in and did the job wonderfully and did it in a polite and deferential way. I would highly recommend Max Home Shield to anyone who is having infestation problems at their house.” ”
    -Mr. Galt
  • Extremely friendly and professional crew
    “We recently had Max Home Shield do some work on our house. The crew was very professional and courteous. They kept us informed while they worked and always checked to see if we had any questions or concerns.” ”
    -Mrs. Biglione
  • Max Home Shield is dependable
    “The office personnel and workers are friendly. After the work was completed in the attic, the holes on the sides of the roof were patched to prevent the critters to re-enter and painted nicely enough to match the original paint. I very much like the lifetime guaranty they offered. I heard some noises in the attic and have called them twice now since the work was completed. They have been dependable to return to check and took care of the rats that were found trapped by the trappers they have left. In addition, I asked the warranty guy to take photos of these trapped rats as I told him I don't feel comfortable going in to the attic to see what was done. With these photos, I saw that there were various stuffs that I stored for several years and so I asked him a favor to help move them out of the attic and he kindly squeeze it in to his busy schedules that same day. I was worried these maybe one of the places where the rats hide. Also, I appreciated the scheduler in the office to try her best to set up an appointment that works for me. I am glad I chose the Max Home Shield to help resolve my attic issues.” ”
  • Great service, very comprehensive in safeguarding our house against critters
    “Max Home Shield did such a good job of explaining their process of how they treat homes for rodents in the attic, that we used them not only on our current house, but on a new home that we bought. We utilized Max Home Shield in the home inspection process and found evidence of rodents in the attic. They proved to be a valuable inspection asset. They remove the critters, remove the attic insulation the critters were living in, sanitize the attic and blow in new insulation that is caustic to critters skin so they don't want to live in it. They also seal up every crack and cranny in you home's exterior to make it as rodent-proof as possible. I trust their process and all of their representatives have always been respectful and informative.” ”
    -Mr. Keeler