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Max Home Shield has been built on a foundation of trust, serving the Houston area. We are the most trusted foundation company in the area, making us the best choice for your foundation repair work. Since your home is often your largest financial investment, it is imperative that you do not allow foundation problems to cause additional damage to your home. If your doors or windows stick, there are cracks in your floor, walls, or the brick is cracking on the exterior of your home, you are dealing with a foundation problem. When left alone, these problems will worsen, causing additional damage to your home and increasing in repair costs down the road.


Prepare Site:
The CarbonLoc Foundation repair is done in several phases. Once the Field Technician’s repair design is reviewed, installation points are determined surrounding the structure. The area is cleared of all shrubs and plants, and tarps are laid down to protect the surrounding lawn. A small hole is dug where the new piers will be installed.

Pier Installation:
The supporting piers are pressed into the ground, stacking on top of each other, until they have reached stable soils. Subsequent sections are hydraulically driven deeper to load bearing strata. The piers are stacked and held in place by the patented CarbonLocTM system, and a solid concrete block is set on the top of piers. The deep penetrating piers are driven directly below your home’s foundation.

Using hydraulic jacks, the interior floor levels are raised to their natural position. The team moves slowly and systematically to ensure a gentle and uniform lift. The Field Superintendent monitors the lift of the structure to ensure the reaction of the structure and interior elevation readings are accurate and do not cause undo strain on the structure. The concrete pilings are locked and aligned with our unique CarbonLoc system which eliminates the possibility of lateral movement.

Pier Completion:
Once the structure has been lifted to its natural position, concrete cylinders replace the hydraulic jacks to provide permanent support to the structure. Once the excavated area is filled in, any debris resulting from the repair process will be removed.

The foundation is now incredibly secure thanks to the patented CarbonLoc TM system while providing a solution that has a lifetime guarantee by Max Home Shield!